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NextLevel Operational Risk Management is based in  Woerden, the Netherlands. We specialise in bringing your Operational Risk Management activities, functions, and processes to the next level. In Dutch and English.


You are offered our vast, international, practical and strategic experiences in what works and what does not work in managing operational risks.


You will experience innovative tools and techniques that are unprecedented in the field of Operational Risk Management.


You will notice the difference.


We offer vast senior ORM experience in the financial industry and beyond. 


We combine traditional ORM core competencies with new, for some unorthodox, practices and approaches that invite your people to integrate the necessary conduct in daily practice. Risk practitioners have chosen Conduct Risk as the #2 Risk for 2016.


We offer Operational Risk managed through the hearts and minds of people. Going beyond Basle II/III and SoX.




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Operational Risk Management is sustainable and effective only when adequately rooted in people:


Awake, Aware, Agile




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